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Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are a versatile and fun accessory for any swimming pool. They are made of a soft, foam material that is lightweight, durable and provides floatation in the water. These toys come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be used for a range of activities.

One of the most popular uses of pool noodles is for floating and relaxing in the water. They are great for providing a comfortable and stable platform for sunbathing, reading, or just lounging in the pool. Noodles can also be used as a flotation device for children or non-swimmers, giving them the confidence to play and enjoy the pool safely.

In addition to floating, pool noodles can also be used for exercise and play. They are a great tool for water aerobics and can provide resistance for strength training. Children can use them as swords or other imaginative playthings, and they can even be used as a buoyancy aid for pool games like Marco Polo.

Pool noodles can also be used for pool maintenance. They can be placed under pool covers to prevent them from sagging or tearing, or they can be cut and used as bumpers to protect the sides of above-ground pools.

When choosing pool noodles, it is important to consider the size and weight capacity. Standard pool noodles are typically around 52 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, but longer and wider noodles are also available for added buoyancy. It is also important to consider the type of foam used in the noodle, as some foam types are more durable and long-lasting than others.

In conclusion, pool noodles are a versatile and affordable accessory for any pool. They provide floatation, fun, and can even be used for exercise and pool maintenance. With a range of colors and sizes to choose from, they are a must-have for any pool owner looking to enhance their pool experience.

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Jumbo pool noodles

Jumbo pool noodles are oversized floatation devices that are typically larger and thicker than standard pool noodles, providing extra buoyancy and comfort for users.